About us

The security of safe payment at the counter

WWTrade is the European distributor for Tailwind, worldwide market leader in point of sale solutions. We supply the materials with which you mount your PIN machine or payment terminal safely and sustainably on the counter.

As an entrepreneur/retailer your business conducts payment transactions on a daily basis. Naturally, you are concerned with the end result – the transaction. After all, the sale is only complete after a successful payment. 


As a supplier of creative point of sale solutions we understand where your focus lies. This is why we supply appropriate and reliable custom work for the payment terminal at your checkout. With the Flexipole you mount your PIN machine securely and in a customer-friendly manner for hassle-free payment.

Our Flexipole solutions are used worldwide in all conceivable sectors. Both large and small retailers have our Flexipole and PED Pack on their counter. All of these entrepreneurs have opted for:

  • Optimum life span, and thereby a higher return on investment
  • Maximum security: you are in compliance with the latest PCI DSS requirements. Your PIN machine is protected against theft and tampering by third parties.
  • Customer-friendly: The Flexipole solution gives you a clean and neat counter.

We are happy to help you select the most appropriate point of sale solution. Do you have questions or would you like personal advice? Feel free to contact us.