PIN machine mounting pole Complete


The PIN machine mounting pole Complete puts the PIN machine in the most ideal position for both customers and sellers. This gives your customers a feeling of security and also keeps the counter free of clutter, giving it a fresh, neat look.


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PIN machine mounting pole Complete


  • 18 centimetres high
  • Tilts 140°
  • Swivels 330°

The Complete has a unique locking mechanism to keep the payment terminal in place.

All of the advantages of the Flexipole Complete

User-friendly: your PIN machine can tilt and swivel
Safe: your PIN machine is protected against skimming (in compliance  with PCI DSS standards).
Sustainable: the Flexipole Complete prevents damage to the cables of your PIN machine

Extra security

The Flexipole Complete can be fitted with an extra locking mechanism to provide extra security. Three versions are available:

Firstbase – Universal fastening without lock (standard version)
SafeBase –  Lock in back plate, with integrated key
External lock – Fitted with Kensington microsaver lock with separate key

The choice of version depends on your sector and the circumstances in your business. We are happy to advise you on the most appropriate specifications.