Verifone holder: custom-made PED Pack


The Verifone PIN machine combines perfectly with our Flexipole due to the composite back plate (PED Pack) developed especially for this PIN machine. The Verifone holder ensures that the Verifone payment machine connects exactly with the Flexipole.


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Verifone holder: custom-made PED Pack

Verifone ♥ Flexipole

The Verifone PIN machine is an established brand in the European payment system sector. Its advantages are optimised when combined with the Verifone holder and the Flexipole. 

Advantages of the Verifone PIN machine holder

The Verifone PIN machine holder (Verifone PED Pack) facilitates optimum connection of the PIN machine to the Flexipole:

  • Fits perfectly
  • Safe
  • Durable

Verifone holder fits perfectly

the Verifone payment machine holder was developed especially to connect the Verifone payment machine to the Flexipole. The Verifone holder, or the PED Pack, is manufactured from a special composite: lightweight but super-strong. This enables it to connect perfectly with the contours of your PIN machine. The special design of the Verifone holder allows your PIN machine to tilt and swivel with ease. 

Secure in compliance with PCI DSS

With the Flexipole Verifone PIN machine holder you are in complete compliance with the PCI DSS standards. Safe mounting of your PIN machine is guaranteed. In other words: your payment system is protected against sabotage and skimming. For maximum security you can fit the Verifone holder with a special lock. Two versions of this are available:

  • Verifone holder combined with SafeBase –  lock in PED Pack, with integrated key
  • Verifone holder with external lock – fitted with Kensington microsaver lock with separate key 

Durable like an Verifone PIN machine holder

The perfect connection of the Verifone holder and the unique properties of the Flexipole give you a perfect, durable solution for your payment system. Your PIN machine is fitted in such a way that it can tilt and swivel freely without the risk of wear or damage to the cables. This saves you expensive repairs and prevents the premature write-off of your PIN machine.